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A variety of proteins to choose from that is cooked on a Japanese flat-top grill. Includes rice and vegetables.


Japanese dish of battered and deep fried seafoods, vegetables, and meats.

Boba Tea

A sweet drink that combines milk, flavored tea and chewy tapioca pearls.


A Passion For Food

Teriyaki House is a modern, fast-food, Japanese restaurant that offers fresh takes  on Japanese food that is cooked on a Japanese flat-top grill. They do not use MSG in any of their foods, and they cook their food to order so you will always receive freshly cooked food. If you're craving quality Japanese food then Teriyaki House is the restaurant for you!


"The food tastes unbelievably fresh and amazing!"

"I would definitely recommend this place to someone who is looking for the Japanese hibachi cooking, but without the exorbitant prices."


"You get so much food in one order!"

-Yelp Reviewer

"Quickly prepared tasty dishes!"


"If you are craving good Japanese food but don’t want to sit with strangers, Teriyaki House in Macon is the place to go."

-The Telegraph

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